Appeal on the Belgian EU-presidency

Belgian social movements, political organisations and trade-unionists launched together an appeal for a European mobilisation against the crisis, for another Europe. We will not pay for their crisis!

During the second half of 2010, Belgium is president of the Council of the European Union. The EU is going through the deepest crisis of its history. Greece is on the verge of an abyss, and also the Spanish State, Portugal, and Ireland are severely threatened. For the first time, the IMF had to intervene in the eurozone. Other eurocountries offered emergency loans at high interests and imposed severe austerity policies. The financial markets were rescued. But in exchange for government aid, they were scarcely tamed, regulated, controlled, let alone put under public command. For years it was told the euro and the EU provided the best protection against crises. Today, it turns out that the European Union, with its neoliberal treaties and principles, its ideology of free market and competition, its lack of social rules, and its strict budgetary precepts, is not armed to avoid crises. It lacked the mechanisms to protect monetary union, and did not allow the Central Bank to intervene. This European Union did not protect us against the crisis, it made the crisis possible. The signatories to this appeal reach out to the Belgian social movements, trade unions and leftist organisations to get together and to become the motor of a mobilisation for another Europe during the Belgian presidency of the EU.

Sign our appeal


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